Social media was a choice for marketers but not for now a days, As social media marketing is now added to the marketers work. If working on social media marketing properly you can generate your customers in a big numbers with less budget.

To be noted with less budget I didn’t mean that you can generate x number of customers in just 100 ruppee. As it’s not possible to declare a number because these are vary from audience to audience and busines to business. 

In this chapter we will be talking about the social meria advertising techniques you should follow. to be noted as I mentioned before i will not be telling you how the tools for social media advertising works. I know you can learn this easily with the videos on youtub but uere I will be mentioning the key points you need to start your social media marketing campaign. It could be facebook marketing, instagram marketing or youtube marketing. you will need to follow these points.

While promoting any campaign you need to be clear with few things. So let’s check what things you need to clear on:-

What offer are you promoting?

This is an important question to ask yourself. remember if you are promoting an offer you will get more audience to your store or blog. so rather then just promoting your services or products you need to promote an offer.

Who is your target audience?

If you are soending your money on teh audience that are not interested in your products and services then you are wasting your money. try targeting the narrow audience you want to target.

these were some questions to ask from yourself and yes always remember to write it down to your spreadsheet oral things are not rememberable so it’s better to note it down somewhere.

Now for the next step you need to create a working funnel for your advertisement. Just thing the whole process buyer is going to ho through when he/she will saw your ads. 

Top of the Funnel

This is when the customer got aware from your brand and for this process you need to target the right audience who are interested in teh services and products that you sell and yes! as I told before you need to trigger then with a offer or discount so they will land into the landing page of your ads.

Middle of the Funnel

In this stage you need to engage your audience. So in practical when your audience visit your landing you must have a form on your page so they can subscribe and get the offer by you. In this case you will get your audience data to send followup mails to them. It may include the whatsapp number too as your goal.

End of the Funnel

In this stage you will need to send them followup mails to engage them and give them a kind of reminder so they can remember your brand and offer to make purchases. Well, I know you must be thinking how these can be included in an advertising guide. you know the whole process of customer journey should be in mind so you can imaging the process and confirm what changes you can make to provide a better experience to your customers. 

You can also retarget the audience who have visited your landing page, so you can grab them if they are still interested in the offer. Retargeting is a great way to grab your customers and the audience have shown interest in your website.So through retargeting you can easily grab your customers.


Retargeting is a great concept and you should must know about retargeting. If your webdite is getting good audience and pageveiws you should use retargeting ads for grabbing your audience. this is how you can retarget your audience:-

  1. Who have visited your website in past 180 days.
  2. People who have visited a particular page of uour website.
  3. Peoples who have visited cart but not visited thank you page of your website.
  4. peoples who have visited your facebook, instagram pages.

And you can make a custom audience also for retargeting ads. It’s a great way of grabbing your audience. Even if i will explain to you in detail it may take too much time, so for now just for an overview it’s better to go through some basics. 

If you want to learn this in facebook tool so let me clear, you will not find it in this article as this article will teach you the main formats only not the tools tutorial. Well, I am thinking to create videos for every tool to make your work easy but it may take time so you can find it after some time.

With this article I have ended the serties of Social media marketing journey, Now you can move toward the journey of email marketing.  Please send me a message if you find this journey useful it will boost me working power to provide you more useful and and knowledgeable content.