In this chapter I will be mentioning some points or I should say some questions you need to ask from yourselves before doing content marketing for your business or brands. I don’t want to waste your even a single minute so let;s begin with the process of our question asking chapter.


Why refers to your objective of a specific content creation, let’s say of you want to promote email marketing course and you are doing email marketing for the marketing course then you can create a content free of cost that will provide value to your audience and then they will let to buy the course form you, 

So in this case the “Why” will refer to the “objective” of creating content that means why are you creating this content what is your key performing indicator that shows success of your campaign, in the above example the objective is driving sales to the paid course by getting leads from free mini course content.


Now let’s talk about what of our content marketing campaign Now you have decided the objective and after that you need to decide what content will you be providing for free, Now the question arises what should you write about, For helping you I am listing some ideas:

  • Industry articles.
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Helpful PDFs
  • Case studies

I am listing very few formats you can create the lead magnet with but keep in mind you didn’t need to stick with these simple formats you can be creative with your lead magnet.


This part is very important, till the time you don’t know to whom you are targeting for any campaign you may not get results. You can visit this chapter where I have mentioned the steps of finding  your target audience and what kind of thing syou need to check before strating your champaigns.


Now the answer you need to giv to yourself is where you will be promoting this content. Before starting any campaign you need to create a plan for your content promotion. How will you promote your content?


I guess I have mentioned everything so far in this article within less time. And yes, I will keep updating this chapter if I feel that this chapter should include this topic as well. 

Marketing is a process of reaching to more audience and converting them into your customers. remember with one campaign you can’t convert a stranger to your customer, it needs to go through the funnel every process and then they will convert into an customer.

I think enough knowledge for this chapter now you need to move to next chapter of this content marketing journey.