Backlinking Guides

Now you have a proper understanding of SEO On-page factors but you need to work on OFF-Page SEO as well. there are very less factors that are required for off-page SEO but you will need to give more privilege to these factors. The most important off-page SEO factor is link building. in this guide I will cover the best ways for link building and how can you start with your link building strategy.

What is link building?

Link building is simply a technique to build links from websites wth the goal of increasing website visibility as search engine take hyperlink as a factor to show results in SERPs and if you want to gain a position in SERP then you will need to start building backlinks for your blog or business website.

Why is Link Building Important?

If you are in this field from even 2-3 month you may understand the value of links for search engine ranking but if not let me explain you, Google take links from other websites as a very important ranking factors. You may test this practice create two pages if possible with same competition and now create hyperlinks for one page and let the second page without any link, you will find that the page with hyperlinks will perform better than the second page. This will give you an practical trust toward link building. You may also check those websites having better link profile then others are ranking well.

Top 10 Ways For Link Building

Social bookmarking

Social booking is considering a link building technique from many years but now a days I think it is not much effective tachique as other. If you are spending time to build links you should give more privilege to guest posting and article submission

Forum submission

There are lot of forums in internet even every specific niche have a specific forum you can check the forums on internet by using this term “keyword + “forum” ” you will find lot of website now just ggo to website and start providing value to the forum and link your site 

Bloggers outreach

In blogger out reach you need to find out bloggers influencers from the web for your product and services via emai make sure the blogger writes around your niche so you can take advantage of their audience base too

Broken link building

This is one of the best technique and this is a simple technique too you just need to check your competitors backlins now check their broken links. Once you find out your competitor’s boken backlink just go and find the email of the backlinked website owner and send a personalized email to them pointing the broken link of their website.

Article submission

There are a lot of websites for article submission, I will be adding those websites in the resources section you will find an e-book including the websites who accepts article submission quickly and you just go to the website and submit your article there including a backlink of your websites with keyword rich ancor text.

Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the most popular link building technique you will find a lot of blog that accepts blog posts with using this term “keyword + write for us”. Guest posting is best technique and one of the most effective technique as your link will be directly from the article and it helps much in ranking.

Profile creation

Profile creation is not included with effective link building strategy but it helps a little with ranking. In this method you just create a profile iin profile creation websites and will add your websites link with your profile.


Go to the blogs related to your niche and now comment with valueable suggestion or so with your websites link.

Find Backlinking Oppourunity by Advance Search Query

You can also find site to gain backlinks from google. You need to use these advance queries for searching websites for your Backlinking campaign. 

Keyword+ “guest post”. ( For guest posting sites)

Keyword + “resources” ( For resources page)

Keyword + iint inurl:blog “coment” ( For commenting) inurl

There are way more tricks to gain links but I am listing those famous methods which are used more often and consider as best link building strategies. At the end of this chapter you will find a PDF containing all link building methods, that will help you a lot for finding methods for your link building strategies 

Types of links

Do Follow 

As it is cleared by it’s name do-follow links says google to pass the link juice to the Backlinking site. Link juice is the trust flow of the site

No follow

No follow links says google to not to follow the links, yes! still google will follow the link but it will not pass the link juice.

If you are thinking that if only do-follow backlinks pass trust flow hen you should create only do-follow links why do peopes gain no-follow links? So here is the reason according to Google guidelines you must have a proper balance between no-follow and do-follow links to maintain a natural link profile 

While creating backlinks you will need to make the follwing things in mind and the site should match these requirements.

The link should have:

Domain Authority

Try to gain inks from high domain authority sites. Let’s say if you are have more links with low authority sites and your cometitors have very less links but Al comes from high authority sites then your competitor will rank higher. You need to make sure to warn link s from authority sites rather then low authority sites.

Anchor text

There are many types of anchor text let’s understand them

  • Naked Anchor
  • Exact Match
  • Partial Match

Make sure to have a proper baclink profile including natural anchor text. thus it will look like natural links in google eye.

Do follow and no follow

As i mentioned before you will need to make sure a proper balance betwwen do-follow and no-follow as the reason explained before.

Link placement

Four places can place links. sidebar, in content, footer, and header. If you are thinking which one is best and which should create then you should go with in article lnks they are more powerfull then any other links but yess! It’s not a compulsary thing but in article backlinks are best.


Make sure you are building link from relevant websites. 1 backlink from a relevant website will be more powerful than hundreds of link.

Competitors research for Link building

I’m going to reveal the step by step guide for competitors research and you can follow this guide as I use the same steps for my competitors reasearch for backlinks.

Step 1 Chose the platform to Research

Step 2 Research for backlinks

Step 3 Check domain authority and relevancy

Step 4 Build links


In this step we will be starting with choosing our tool for competitor’s research as there are lot of tools available in the market you may be confused in this process but i will recommend using ahref, there are plenty of tolls available in the market you can any toll for this process it depends on which toll you like.


Now, type your competitor’s url in the search box of the selected tool for backlink research. You can start with your first competitor as I know you have a bog list of your competitors, just strat with anyone you like the most 😉


With last process of competitor’s research you will get a list of all backlinks from your competitor’s research. And in this stage we will be looking for all the factors for the domain containing domain authority, link placement and relevancy. Make sure the backlinking page will be good with all factors. You didn’t need to link to all the domains your competitor’s link have, you will be selecting only high authority websites for getting backlinks.

Things to avoid in link building

There are few things you need to avoid while creating backlinks for your websites an I’m going to list those things that peoples mostly mistaken while creating backlink for their website, so that you can make yourself safe from those mistakes.

Backlinks from Bad Reputation Websites

If you are thinking that every backlink from any website can help you in ranking then you are wrong about it, Not every backlink helps but if you are creating backlinks form a website having a bad reputation in google’s eye than it may affect your website negatively.

Getting Links from Irrelevant Sites.

A backlink from a reputed and relivant website with proper anchor text will be more powerful than thousands of irrelevant backlinks. Create backlinks from relevant websites.

Earning links in bulk in short span

Google is keeping an eye on your website and if you will earn too many backlinks in less time it may think that these backlinks are not genuine so for making a good image in front of google’s eye you will need to make sure that you didn’t create too many backlinks at one time.

Earning Links from Chinese Websites.

There are lots of Chinese websites that offers to build backlink from them but i will recommend not creating even a single backlink from those sites as it will affect negatively for SEO.

Buying and Selling Links

Buying and selling backlinks is not a good practice as in this you are loosing your money and you may not get any advantage even a penalty if google will doubt you. beside buying and selling i will recommend offering a freebiew to the blogger for writing an article on your brand or business including a backlink, It will help you in getting backlinks and also the visitors of that blog will find your brand that will help in brand awarness too.

Advance link building tactics

  • Broken link building is a way of stealing your competitor’s backlink just go to any tool like Ahref or Semrush and search for your competitor’s broken links and you will get tones of pages just appeal to the owners. This is the most effective and quickest way for gaining backlink.
  • When you are sending outreach messages make sure to keep them personalized. It should not look like a bulk email send to everyone. Keep it personalized as much as you can.
  • The Skyscraper Technique is one of the best techniques for link building.
  • Keep a proper mix of do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

I guess this guide is enough for starting your first backlinking campaign and now you can start will your backlinks with the above tactics and can improve your search engine performance with backlinks. Now, it’s your turn to do it by yourself and wee the improvements as no blog can teach you the thing that you can learn by yourself by applying.