• Step by Step Keyword Research Process.
  • Strategies for Keyword Research.
  • Keyword Research Tools.
  • Keyword research in an easy way.

In the last chapter, you have learned what is SEO and how it works and some important optimizations for indexing. Now you have an idea of how to show up in results.

In this chapter, we are going to learn what is keyword research and the whole process of keyword research for SEO, I’m going to cover all important strategies for Keyword research you should try. So, if you are a person who wants to know more about the keyword research process and keyword research tools then you are going to get all your answers in this article. So, you can get a higher ranking by selecting a perfect keyword for your website.

Keyword research gives you the data:-

  • What peoples are searching for?
  • How many peoples are looking for your target keyword?
  • Competition for a specific keyword.

Let’s start the ultimate process for keyword research and start your keyword research journey.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the terms which peoples search on search engines for getting the desired results. Now we as a marketer have to make sure that we rank only for those keywords that your target audience is searching for. If you want to understand it in an easy way, you can say those words or phrases which peoples use on google or any search engines are keywords.

What is Keyword Research?

As it defines from its name, Keyword research is the process of searching the right keywords (phrases, words) which your target audience is using while searching their queries on search engines like google, bing, and yahoo.

I’m not going to take your time with the things why keyword research is important? you may know why is it important thus you are reading this guide, Isn’t it?  

For understanding this let’s understand how keyword research help my client’s website for more organic traffic last month.

We focus on finding more targeted keywords that are likely to rank with fewer competitors and these are the results we got from those strategies.

This is what you are going to get If you will focus on finding the target keyword for your website.

Questions to Ask before Keyword Research

Are you a Marketer? a Freelancer? or a business owner who wants to do Marketing for his business? Well, whoever you are but you should have answers to these questions before you start your keyword research journey. If you are going to take a freelance project for SEO then you should ask the following questions from your client.

  • What products and services they offer?
  • Who is their target audience?
  • On what keyword your client wants to rank?
  • What are the top searching keywords in the industry?

Now with the help of these insights you know who is your client’s target audience and what are the top terms their audience is looking for and you will need some tools for the targeted keyword research.

Keyword research is finding answers to the following questions:-

  • Step1– What peoples are searching for? 
  • Step2– What terms they are using?
  • Step3– What is keyword density?
  • Step4– What is the Keyword Difficulty for the target keyword?
  • Step5– What content your competitors are providing?

We are going to find out every answer in every step, In first some attemps you will find it difficult but next you will get it very quickly and the process will become very easy for you.

What peoples are searching for?

Now let’s find out the answer to our first question, What peoples are searching for? 

You know what doesn’t matter is how many keywords you are ranking for but the thing which matters is the target keyword, as I mentioned before If you provide cake delivery services and you are ranking for “birthday cakes”, then it’s not the right keyword to rank because this is an informative keyword you are not going to get a conversion with this keyword ranking, It may possible that the person looking for a birthday cake image, instead of “birthday cake” if you are ranking for “online birthday cake delivery” then you are ranking for the right keyword as from this ranking you will get only targeted traffic of peoples who are looking for a birthday cake delivery services online.

For understanding it better you need to know the types of keywords and use of them. You will get a good understanding of the types of keywords from the below image.

on-page seo types of search queries - Janine Papendorf

But how will you get the idea of what keywords are they using while searching for your services or products? I mean what are they searching? well yes, there are plenty of tools you can use for knowing what peoples are searching. You will get the list of all tools at the end of this guide but let me give you a preview from one of the tools I use for knowing what peoples are looking for.

I recommend Google keyword planner for the first step of keyword research, Here we will get some ideas from the keyword planner and get to know what peoples are looking for in our industry. 

Let’s take an example of a website that sells online dog food and we will go through every step for searching a keyword for this dog food website.

Step1:- What peoples are looking for?

Let’s find the answer to our first question what peoples are looking for? It’s obvious that you will need a tool for finding this answer and the tools which I use for this step is Google Keyword Planner so I’m going to recommend the same tool, Let’s begin with the process.

and now type your industry top keyword which we have figure out in the first stage. Make sure to filter the location while selecting the keyword as in India peoples will be searching for a different keyword and in USA they will be using a different one, so make sure to use your target location. You will get some results like this.

Now you can explore this list of keywords and get to know what peoples are looking for on google and choose some ideas from the list paste them into the spreadsheet.at the end of this guide you will get a keyword research template with the help of this template you can start your keyword research journey.

The second thing you can go through is google suggestions they will show some mostly used keywords as a suggestion while you type in the google tab 

Now you have a list of all content ideas in your spreadsheet and now it’s time to find the answer of our second question

Step 2:- What terms they are using for the selected keyword

For this step, we will be using Ubbersuggest, I use it more often and it provides good insights about keyword and keyword ideas too, you can also use Ahref which is one of the best tools for Marketers.

Now in this stage with the seed keyword, we will figure out the target keyword with Ubbersuggest from Neil Patel 

From this list, you can figure out estimate visits for the keyword and some keyword suggestions you can create content for those keywords like in this example you can write a blog post for “which dry dog food is best” if your domain authority is good to beet the ranking pages, and If not you can choose another keyword with less competition.

Step3:- Check keyword Density 

We have a keyword which is searched by users and we can create content for that keyword now we have to find out what in the keyword density of that keyword, with keyword density you can know much searches happen for that particular keyword, For keyword density, I will recommend google trends as it shows exact density.

So it is most likely to search and we can create content for that keyword. Make sure that the keyword is being searched by users if no one is searching for a particular keyword then there is no mean to create content for that particular keyword.

Step4:- Finding Keyword Difficulty

We have searched for all those keywords which are likely to search on google by our target audience and have good keyword density. Now it’s time to see the keyword difficulty, The tool which I use for checking keyword difficulty is Ahref, Ubbersuggest, and Moz bar. Let’s see how can we check keyword difficulty.

As we have a keyword “which dry dog food is best” let’s search for this keyword competition and the difficulty for this keyword.

With the help of the Moz bar, you can see the first ranking position is having Domain Authority-59, Page Authority- 50 and have 3,644 links so if you have the same authorities to compete with this domain you can go with this keyword now but if this is not compatible with your domain you need to choose a different keyword from this process with fewer competitors. If you are just starting with SEO you need to start from the keywords with low density and very less competition so you can compete with them in the search results.

Step5- Check for Competitors Content

Now it’s the time when you have a keyword with good keyword density and less competition, Now it’s time to look at the content which your competitors are providing for that keyword and you have to make sure that your content should provide more value from your competitors content. What new you can do that can help your audience to find value from your content, what else can you add to your content? think about these questions. Be creative while creating content and create unique content to beat your competitors.

Tips and Strategies to Keep in Mind

In this section of our Keyword research guide, I’m going to cover some strategies for keyword research which I use while my keyword research. As now you have mastered the basics of keyword research and you have a complete process of selecting a good keyword for your website, you must use these strategies to perform well in the art of finding a good keyword for your website.

Go with Less Competiton Keyword

I have mentioned this before you may know this basic strategy which every marketer uses while searching keywords, You have to go with less competitive keywords, you may have searched many keywords but if you will work on less competitive keywords you will rank much better within less time. 

Google Search Console Keywords

As Brian Dean from Backlinko said that Google search console is a gold mine of keywords. Just login to your google search console and shortlist all those keywords which are getting lots of impressions but fewer clicks. Now its time to create a content fully focused on those keywords, these pages will rank in less time. This strategy is very useful because Google finds your website the right fit for this particular keyword.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Why Long-Tail keywords are good because they have less competition. Long-tail keywords are those keywords that are long-phrase and are of 4-5 words. Long-tail keywords have less search traffic but they have a good conversion value.

List of Useful Tools for Keyword Research

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubbersuggest
  • Google Trends
  • Answer the Public
  • keyword.io
  • Google Search Console

The Ball is in Your Court

You may have read a lot of guides and a lot of tutorial videos that what makes a difference is trying them just make a list of things you have learned from these guides and want to apply, Now you can start with doing one by one and complete the list with doing all the things. After checking the performance you will see the results and will egt some more things to improve.