Cheers! For Starting this SEO Journey

You are going to read a full guide on SEO and this will help you in your SEO performance if you are a person who wants to learn SEO for freelancing and a person who wants to do SEO for your websites in both cases this guide will help you a lot. In this guide, I’m going to cover everything you will need to learn for doing SEO for your website. At the end of this guide, you will find some resources which will help you in doing SEO practically. 

I will not take your too much time in telling you that facts which will not help you in SEO for website so without making it difficult let’s learn everything in a very easy way to leverage SEO practically.

I will be showing you some examples which will let you easily understand SEO so you can understand if you are a newbie to this industry. 

Check out what is inside this chapter.

What is inside the beginners guide to SEO | Introduction to SEO- Digital Corner

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How SEO works for website improvement | Introduction to SEO - Digital-Corner
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Let’s make it easy to understand, Search Engine Optimization is a technique to get quality traffic from search engines like google, bing, etc. If I will say only traffic it will not be correct we didn’t need traffic only but it should be quality also If we are getting too much traffic from search engines but it is bouncing back then it will be not a good practice of search engine optimization It refers that you are not targeting right keywords. Make sure who is your target audience and find out their intent for a particular keyword.

For example: If you are optimizing a website of cakes delivery and one page of your website is ranking for birthday cakes, then it will not be your target keyword, because the user may be searching for birthday cake images or maybe he was looking for birthday cake recipes and the maximum number of visitor from this target keyword will bounce back. So make sure you are ranking for the right keywords, For this, you should target “online cake delivery” will be the right target keyword to select for this website and optimizing the page for that keyword will help you get quality traffic who are looking for cake delivery services.

Keyword selecting guides for SEO | Intriduction to SEO - Digital-Corner

But how will you find what are good target keywords? Well, in this definitive guide I’m going to show you every practice you need to know for keyword research and SEO.

Basics of Search Engine Optimization

In this part you will learn some very basics of Search Engine Optimization, If you know basics I will suggest you leave this part and jump to next chapter so you can save your time and energy but if you a newbie I will suggest reading this chapter so you can get everything easily and clearly.

How Search Engine Crawler works

How Search Engines Work: Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking | Introduction to SEO- Digital-Corner
Source: Moz

Search Engines are bots that try to show the best results for the user for his query. Well, when we are talking about search engines there are a lot of search engines but I will be showing best practices for google optimization. Search engines just want to show the best answer to searcher’s query and optimization is like we are saying search engines that our website is the best fit for this searcher’s query. That’s what we need to prove to search engines and that is Search Engine Optimization.

For learning search engine optimization you first need to know how search engine works and how they decide that your website is any other page is best fit for a searcher’s query and how do they decide which page to show first and which page at last.

Search Engines have 3 Primary Functions and they decide ranking with these functions, So let’s understand what are these functions:-


Crawling is a process of finding URLs and looking over the content of that page. In this process search engine crawlers find Urls with different sources on the web and crawlers check the content on that page. Crawling is a process of discovering new content and updates by search engines to


Indexing is a process of storing and organizing the content and pages crawled by crawlers, In this process search engines organize the content and store them in a search engine database.


When a user searches for a query on search engines, this process takes place and starts finding the most relevant and perfect content for the user’s query so the user can get the answer what he was looking for.

Let’s Understand the process of Crawling, Indexing and Ranking with an Image to make it clear and easy to understand.

process of indexing,crawling and ranking to learn SEO Introduction

In this Image you can clearly understand the process of Crawling, Indexing and Ranking. A search engine crawler crawles the pages in the websites and find other websites with their links and follow those links to crawl other pages after this process of crawling search engines analyse the content of pages and index those content in their database so whenever a searcher searches a query, the query goes to databse and searhes the best match for that searcher’s query and here the ranking process takes place with ranking algrothms and searcher gets their results.

Search Engine Crawling Process and optimization

Check whether your website is indexed from search engines or not, You can check it by searching for “” in Google and all the pages which are indexed by Google will appear on the shown SERP results.

If the website is indexed on google it doesn’t mean that all the pages of the website will be indexed by search engines. Your website should have a good website structure which can make search engine crawlers find your every page of the site easily, we will talk about the website link structure in detail in the upcoming chapter. And If a website is not indexed by google till now these may be some reasons why it is not showing in SERP results.

  • Your site is brand new and hasn’t been crawled yet.
  • Your site isn’t linked to any external websites.
  • Your site’s navigation makes it hard for a robot to crawl it effectively.
  • Your site contains some basic code called crawler directives that are blocking search engines.
  • Your site has been penalized by Google for spammy tactics.

If your website is not crawled or indexed by google you can check these things again which will help you to index your site in search engines. 

Submit Sitemap:

If your website is not showing in the search engine you can submit your website sitemap in google search console or bing webmaster. By submitting your website sitemap to google you are saying google to crawl your website pages. After submitting your website sitemap, Google will crawl your website in 24 hours or less and your website will start appearing in search results.

a submit sitemap guide for Introduction to SEO

This is where you can submit your website’s sitemap in Google Search Console. Fo this process log in to google search console select your property of the site which you want to index now go to sitemaps and submit your sitemap here Now google will crawl your website pages which are included in sitemap within 24 hours.

Check your robot.txt

Robot.txt files tell search engines which page to crawl or which page to not crawl. It is also a kind of permission for search engines to crawl or not crawl a website, You can also block some search engines from crawling your website. If some of your website pages are not indexing it may happen that your robot.txt file is blocking search engines to crawl your website. You can check your robot.txt file with typing this URL in the search URL box “” and check whether your robot.txt is blocking search engines from crawling your website.

Maintain a Good Website link Structure

Make sure to maintain a good website link structure, a good link structure refers to a website in which each page is not more than 3 clicks from the home page. It means you need to make sure that all of your pages are 3 clicks away from your homepage, not mare than 3 clicks. This will maintain a good link structure of your website.

That’s it for this Chapter from next Chapter we will start working on our SEO this was the introduction for SEO to know more about SEO and how it works in the next chapter you are going to learn about Keyword research, best tool for keyword research free or paid both and the whole process of keyword research. I will let you know about the step by step guides for keyword research so you can practice it practicaly with those steps.