Welcome to the start of the email marketing journey. To be clear at first if you have less time, please don’t waste your time with reading this chapter and you can dip into the next chapter as this chapter is all about what you will find in this sequence of email marketing journeys. I know if you are a person who loves to read articles rather than watching videos then I will love to say that you are saving more of your time while using. Even I feel like I am wasting my time when I watch any video. They didn’t come to the point and keep promoting them at the first of video.

Well, let’s start with our chapter content. As I told you this chapter is about the things you will find in this journey.

  1. Email segmentation – You must know how confusing email segmentation is. But if you have knowledge about the basics it’s not as difficult as it looks like. Email marketing is a tool every business should must use, It can increase your success of any marketing campaign with just few emails. Even I have seen many business get succeed with their email marketing. The best thing about email marketing is you can automate the whole process. Isn’t it great, You don’t need to send a single email to every one you can just set the email according to the action customer will take in your website.  Well, In this chapter of email segmentation you will know how  email segmentation works and how can you make your email segmentation process easy to use.
  1. Effective email guidelines:- Remember there are some emails that are just sent and there are effective emails that grab the customer attention with their email and the customer is engaged enough to take action. In this chapter we will be knowing the guidelines that will tell you how the effective emails are write and how can they trigger the audience to take an action in your website.
  1. Email Marketing Checklist:- I know everyone is looking for a checklist and you too, that’s why I always add a checklist chapter in my every marketing journey, so you can dive into the marketing checklist for every step of your marketing efforts and can save your time with lot of checklist searching efforts. I have started this blog to save marketers time from many efforts of finding things like the campaign management process and tools learning process. In this checklist you will learn the process from thinking of a email to writing it and down and measuring success. If you want you can dip into this checklist directly if want to save your time.
  1. Best Email Examples:- How can a Email marketing journey can be completed without best email examples. You know the process of creating a email is big but the main thing that comes is how it will look like and it’s[ performance, and in this chapter I will tell you the best working emails so you can take some idea from those emails while creating your email campaign.

I guess we have done with all the chapters of this email journey. Now I want to share the buyer’s journey of email marketing in this introductory chapter as this couldn’t be adjusted in any of the other chapter and before starting the other chapters you will have an idea of your buyers journey.

So first thing first, try to get the emails from your website. We need the audience who have optin our email list so our efforts will works better as we will be sending emails to only those audience who have interest in our website content they will convert better than the audiences who didn’t even know about your website.

Let’s say there are two peoples Ram and Shyam, Ram is a person who know about your website and visited your website and add a optin and there is shyam who don’t even know about your services and products. Now if you will be sending emails to both of the audience segment, Then Ram will be more likely to convert. So what do you think. There is one more option you can send cold emails with scraping email and then let them know about your website and they will now aware from your business. Now let’s take if they have no interest in your business there will be rare chance to convert an uninterested and strange audience who didn’t even know your business and if same efforts will be made to optin audience you will more likely to get great results.

Let’s dive into the buyers journey for email marketing. It’s a tip for you, always check how your audience is hoing through the whole campaign steps, so you can get an idea from which steps your buyer is hoing through and you can fix some bugs in your process.


First step of email marketing should be ising opin forms to take your audience emails so you will get the emails of audience interested in your business.

Welcome Mail

When the audience will optin your email list then they will get a welcome message from your website. It should be a warm welcome. you can add an offer if you want to make them a purchase.

Engaging Emails

Now after this the buyer will get some kind of engaging emails from your website that provides value to him/her and will find your newsletter useful.

Transactional Email

After engaging your buyer he/she will get a transactional email from your website. And now as he is engaged with your website he/she will; be ready to pay you for the services adn products as you have already provide value to them.

This is the whole buyers journey your buyer will go throught. Mostly this is a kind of funnel where the audience will drop down in every stage.

Now you know everything you should know to strat reading teh next chapter about segmentation. You can now go to next chapter to continue your process