Welcome to the content marketing journey of you, till now with the SEO, SMM and email marketing journey you have gain lot of knowledge as a Digital marketer but if you have no idea about content marketing and want to know about content marketing then you should travel this journey of content marketing specially designed for you.

Normally I didn’t waste time with the basic terms of any journey but for content marketing we will be talking about the basic terms like what content marketing is and why it is important as I think there are lot of peoples who don’t know clearly what is content marketing and why it is used.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is attracting your customers by providing value to your audience. This is clear, you provide value to them and then they will trust you. Content marketing has a lot of objectives and building trust is one from them. Providing valuable content can instantly drive trust of your audience.

So basically what content marketing is creating content to attract your target audience and offer them something valuable.

Benefits from content marketing:-

  • Connect your brand with your target audience.
  • Boost in SEO and Traffic.
  • Helps in Brand Awareness.
  • Support the audience through the customer journey or Conversion funnel.
  • Build Trust.
  • Increase Conversion.

Role of Content Marketing

The role of Content marketing in the company growth is big as a proper content strategy will help your audience to find some value with your content and you will find your audience with the help of that content. 

In this Journey

This is what you will find in this content marketing journey:-

  1. Questions to ask from yourself: 

In this chapter you will need to ask some questions from yourselves including what exactly you want and what kind of business you drive and who are your target audience. 

  1. Content Marketing Checklist

I must say any guide could not be completed without a checklist. This is what I will be telling you the exact process for creating content and driving traffic to them and what ponts you will need to keep in mind while creating content for your content strategy.

  1. Content Marketing Examples

Examples are just to take inspiration from, sometimes even when we know the process still, it’s a big question how thing work and the examples will help in giving answer of this big question, Examples will be like how will you give results from any content marketing campaign and how will you make it work.

If you want to learn the above mentioned chapters in Content marketing I will recommend you to continue this journey and let it flow with next chapters.