Goggle is updating its algorithms very quickly and you will need to get updated to improve your website’s ranking. All the Things and guides 2 years ago didn’t matter at all now, you just need to be updated with these blogs and resources.

In this Chapter, I’m going to list all the Important resources you should go through to master SEO and work on SEO better than before, learn new things, and get updated with these blogs, I’m also going to list some important and useful must use tools in this resources list, You may find them very useful.

Best SEO Beginner’s Guide

I’m recommending these guides after reading all I’ve learned a lot more from these guides yes! I skipped some chapters but the chapter that I read is much more informative and amazing. If you are a beginner and looking for the best guide for SEO then you can go through every guide or maybe from some of them and you will get a proper understanding of SEO through these guides.

Moz SEO Guides

I will count this Guide as the best one, I heard a lot about this guide from my friends and think to read this guide and I think this is one of the best guides as I learned a lot from this one, If you are a complete beginner you should read this guide now this is very informative and you will get a proper understanding of all basics for SEO.

Search Engine Journal Guide – SEO for Beginners

This is also a very informative guide you should read this as well, you will learn a lot of new things from this guide. I know you have read one guide before but you may find a good one from this guide. This guide has proper chapters for every SEO step which can guide you for SEO practices.

Google Starter Guides for Complete Beginners

Well, If you have read the above guide I don’t think you will need any other guide to read but still, in some spare time, you can explore this guide by google to read a better one. This is a guide published officially by google so you can make sure about the quality of guide this is a very quality guide for complete beginners.

Best Resources to Keep yourself Updated about SEO and Algorithm Changes:-

  1. Search Engine Land
  2. SEOmoz
  3.  Search Engine Journal
  4. SEO By the Sea
  5. SEOBook

These were some of the top blogs I follow to keep myself updated and you can follow them to keep yourself updated. Well, I’m not a reading lover so used to read less but yes! reading blogs and news about SEO and google algorithms update can keep you updated about the new trends and not only in SEO you should keep an eye on digital marketing trends as well because keeping yourself updated is most important in Digital Marketing.

Some Important SEO Tools:-

It’s not done yet, How can this resources section be completed without mentioning some best SEO tools that are required for SEO or maybe in every specific step for SEO, Well, If it’s about SEO I will highly recommend Ahref it’s the best tool which can give you everything in one tool so you will never need to find another tool and below I’m going to mention some must use tools.

Google Webmaster also called a google search console

This is not a required tool this one is a must tool for your website’s SEO you can use other tools but no tool can replace google webmaster. Now let’s have a look at what this tool does.

  • Check your website ranking.
  • analyze your ranking keywords
  • Analyze the position of your pages in SERP
  • Check traffic through Google.
  • Check for Penalties.
  • Submit Sitemaps.
  • Request for page Indexing.

These are some of the features that google search console provides and these features can’t be provided by any other tool, this is an easy to use tool that can make your work easier.

Google Analytics

Who doesn’t know about google analytics? you can track your website traffic through google analytics. Well, It’s the normal use of google analytics but how will it help in SEO, are you thinking the same question? Let me clear it for you. SEO is meant to complete your goals through search engines your goal may be traffic or conversions. but if your goal is conversions how will you track that your efforts are getting conversions? Google Analytics will help you in tracking conversions through search engines. Now with the help of Google analytics, you can know the outcome of your efforts. 


A must tool for SEO, I use Ahref for all my SEO efforts, and believe me, it’s one of the best tools you can use for all your SEO activities. Let’s know how Ahref helps marketers for leading their activities.

  • Backlink research
  • Competitors research.
  • Keyword research
  • Website audits.

Just try it and you will get in love with this tool as it helps you in a great way. You can explore 

KW Finder

Using Long-tail keywords is a great strategy for SEO and if you are so and finding a good tool to find long-tail keywords then it’s much better to use KW Finder that helps in long-tail keyword research. 


Ubbersuggest is a great tool by Neil Patel, I recommend this tool as I’m using it for a while and its a good tool even you can start with the free version of Ubbersuggest.

Moz SEO Software

The best one, Well to be frank I didn’t use the paid version of Moz but I have tried the free one and the Moz bar is awesome even I’m using it till now from the beginning of the 

Answer the public

If you are writing content and looking to know more about what the peoples are searching for related to the content then “Answer the Public is one of the best tools you can explore. Well, many peoples called this tool a keyword research tool but I personally use this tool to know what peoples are looking for related to a particular topic.

Google Trends

Whenever I choose any keyword before finalizing the keyword I research that keyword in google trends to check how many peoples are looking for and what’s the intend of peoples for searching the keyword. You may find the exact keyword density with Google Trends.

Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a browser addon or I should say a chrome extension for keyword research that helps you in finding search volume, CPC, and competition. 

Best SEO Extensions

Moz Bar

Moz Bar is a chrome extension which I use personally and yes, Let me tell you that I’m using this tool in my daily works so it can express the importance of this tool a chrome extension that helps in knowing 


Ubbersuggest is an all in one Extension that helps in keyword research and competitors research both. You can check the features of Ubbersuggest Extension from here and get a quick free Ubbersuggest chrome extension, You can also check the backlink of any domains or any page with the help of this free Extention.

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a powerful tool for SEO to audit a website and also helps in knowing the keyword difficulty. You can also explore many useful features with this Extention. You can check the backlinks and can check DA and PA with this extension help.

Woo rank Extension

Woorank is an instant SEO extension, Well, I haven’t used it yet but my colleagues are using this tool and finding it a very powerful tool for SEO. Frankly, it depends on you and the way you work. Some peoples find some tools very useful and some find them a waste of money and time.

I will recommend using all these tools for your SEO and believe me you will find your ideal tool for your SEO efforts. These are some of the best tools which I found useful and sharing the best with you, Let me know your favorite SEO tools in the comment section.

I’m sharing a list with you including all SEO tools best available you can check the list here and get a good understanding of tools for SEO.