I guess we are done with segmenting the audience for email marketing. I know it’s a big small thing but it makes a big impact in your marketing efforts.


Well, now in this chapter we will learn about some guidelines to write an effective email. keep the objective in mind hile doing email marketing. If your objective is to drive traffic write content accordingly, if your goal is to druve sales, write the sales driven email copy. Email marketing is also done for engagement purpose. You need to engge your audience with email marketing so you can make it them remember about your bran and your brand will come on top.

In this email marketing chapter we will talk seabout what are our goals and how will we write a email copy that will make them to complete your goal.

Email should ve opened:-

Guess what your whole email copy and effirts can go in veins if your audience didn’t even open the mail. Our first goal is to let the email opened by our audienec. 

Let’s see the indicaters to open email

  • Email should go in primary folder.
  • Email should have a subject that makes the Audience to open it.

That’s all, Yes! you need to work on these two things to make your email open by your Audience.

Email Should be read:-

Just think if person opens the email cause of attractive and curious email sbuject line, but what if he/she enters and looks like an promotional email he will be like “Ahhh, again a promotional mail” this could let him bouce back from yoyr email and it will remain unread, and your efforts now all go in veins.

Email should Let them to take action:-

When writing an email you should have a proper call to action, that will make the reader clear about what’s the next action to make.

So basically, our goal of writing an email is:-

  1. Email should be opened.
  2. Enail should be read.
  3. Email should be understood.
  4. Email should not be long and annoying.
  5. Email should be action takes, that leds audience to make the action you want them to take.

Guidelines to make your email effective and gives results:-

  1. Your Desired Call to Action:

Make it clear what you want from them, means if there are lot of call to actions in a single email it make make the reader confused and with this confusion he will bounce back without taking any action in the email. While writing your email content make it clear to user what action you want the reader to take and mention your call to action at the end of email.

  1. State Benifits Clearly

Remember the user is reading your email to get bennifited from, If he is not going to get benifit, he will not read the email so make sure to mention readers benefits clearly.

  1. Keep it small and simple

They have less time to read your message and you didn’t want it to ruin with writing a long email that says too much, so what the reader will think ” It’s too long Man, I have no time to read it” or lazy reader will just let it with the length of your message, So try to make it as small as possible.

  1. Use simple English

Email should be understood by your readers, sometimes you may think thatbthis word is easy and could be understood by everyone, But not happen. Try to use easy and simple english words.

  1. Be Personal

Being personalized is important. You know if you will give and introduction to your audience and while reading the message reader will know who is talking to him, it will impact more to the reader and will develop a connection between you and reader.

  1. Email Formatting

Format should be easy to capture and understand. use bullet points, paragraphs and bold characters. Email Formatting also makes an impact to reader.

These were some points you need to make sure while writing your email.

Key Takeaways from this Chapter:

  •  No rambling stories or long intros.
  •  Get to the point quickly.
  •  Next action clearly stated.
  •  Present benefits.
  •  Fonts and formatting matter.
  •  Review for conciseness, simplicity and clarity.
  •  One question per email.
  •  Be yourself – that is, the concise version of yourself.