I Hope I am providing value to you through this email marketing journey and you are enjoying and learning from this email marketing journey, My goal is just to share my knowledge with you so you can learn everything that I have learned, frankly speaking I am not a marketing expert, I am still learning and applying but sharing the knowledge you have can at least those who are looking for knowledge in your industry. 

In this chapter we will learn how to automate email marketing and the best part is I will be telling you the exact step by step process or I should say checklist to you so you can follow the steps and come up with a funnel or email marketing automation workflow.

  1. Decide The Lead Capturing Offer

No one is going to give you their information until you didn’t offer them something, remember you must have an offer that benefits your audience so they can give you their information like emails, Name and phone numbers. There are many lead magnets varying from industry to Industry and company to company. Let’s say if you have a blog and want to capture leads you can offer a free video or informative pdf so people can fill the form and get the free video or pdf. For Example you are an ecommerce Company then you can give them a discount coupon for sharing their information with us. Selecting a lead magnet is sometimes very confusing, but while selecting lead magnet always remember you need to keep your target audience in mind, for knowing your target audience you can check this chapter for a good understanding about audience research.

  1. Prepare Landing Page

Landing pages are a must if you are using a lead magnet to capture emails for your company. Preparing a landing page is not a difficult task, you just need to add your KPIs in the landing page and don’t forget to mention the benefits your audience will get if he will fill the form and share his information. For Example – If you are offering a free short course video in exchange of their emails and names, then the landing page will be telling about the short course video what will this include and how will they find it beneficial. Don’t forget to add the benefits from the video they will get after adding lead to our page.

  1. Add a Sinup Form in the Landing page

Adding a form is not a difficult task. You will get an embedded form in your free mailchimp account and you can add this embedded code in your landing page wherever you want to put this form.

  1.  Add a automated workflow

Now you don’t need to send the email manually when someone added his/her lead in the landing page, as he has added his lead to get the video, you need to instantly send the video in his/her inbox, otherwise it may frustrate the lead. You can set a workflow that will send the email designed by you everytime instantly when someone fills the form.

  1. Add follow Up

Now you have the lead and you need to engage them with knowledgeable and kind of content that benefits them.

This was the checklist to create an automated workflow. We have done this part, now you know how to get emails from your audience and get a lead, the next step is to engage them with mails that will be beneficial for both the audience and for you as well.

Checklist for Send Emails:-

  • Set your Objective for sending Email.
  • Finalize the KPI, what action you want your reader to take.
  • Write your Email Subject Line
  • Write engaging email content and design
  • Add Call to action at the end of the email.
  • Send on perfecting timing.
  • Check performance.

Here is the end of our email marketing Journey now in the next chapter you will know the best email campaigns and some examples that will help you in selecting some content for you.