Now you have completed most of the task of social media marketing from introduction to creating social media strategy and creating content you have figured out till here. Now in this article you will read the ultimate guide to creating a social media calendar. Sometimes things become tough during social media promotion.

Hey this was to upload yesterday. Now we need to decide things to post today. I missed today being black friday. Ohh Man! It’s very difficult to manage and upload posts……. 

These are the problems that arise when you didn’t create a social media calendar. Things got sucks when you didn’t create a social media calendar. With creating a social media calendar you are away from most of the problems and a lot more. 

Well what a social media calendar is collecting all your information in one spreadsheet to use it while uploading social media posts. I know you are not here to know what social media calendar is, So Today in this article I’m going to show you the road map of social media calendar as i know you are clear with all theories and need a road map to start work on let’s get Started with our first step:-

  1. Understand what kind of calendar you are going to create. 

Basically you can create a monthly calendar and weekly calendar. Well I choose monthly calendar and you can pick whatever you want.

Follow these steps to create a social media calendar:-

  • Open a spreadsheet.
  • Now use the column including date, Caption, Objective, Creative and KPI.

That’s all now you need to fill all the colum for the month.

For creating calender I follow these steps and I can recommend you the steps I do follow so you can follow them and can save your time and thinking about the steps.

  1. find all the occasions and festivals in the month for example black friday, Christmas etc. so you will not forget the special day to wish your audience and give offers.
  1. Now you have done with finding special dates. In this step we will be checking our competitors social media accounts. Now check what kind of content is working well and is more engaging. 
  1. Now, you will need to write down the idea of content that works better for your competitors audience, it’s working good for them then this will works good for you as well because of same audience.
  1. Remember you need to be remarkable, don’t just copy everything. you just need to take the idea from their posts and know your audience who’s working best.try to be remarkable so your post will get more interactions.
  1. After these things you need to check on captions write your captions there, so when you will be posting you will not need to find qnd think the captions.

That’s all we have done with our social emdia calendar creation. As I promised i will be helping you in every thing that I can do to make your work easy and I know there is one thing that can make your work easy for creating your social media calendar and that is a template for creating socialedia calendar. So here is your template for creating a social media calendar. This is a template I use you can make changes in this template according to your requirements.