If you are looking for inspiration for a content marketing plan then you shouldn’t skip this valuable content by Payal Chourasiya 😉 Well, In this chapter we are going to take inspiration from some effective content marketing plan.

  1. CityOne Game

Company – IBM

Strategy- IBM is a company in the gaming industry, they have recently launched a game called CityOne to engage gamers, In this game, players solve problems in four key areas – banking, retail, energy and water. To date, “CityOne” has racked up to 18,000 players from 130 + countries.  since its launch in 2010, proving simulation gaming may be a powerful new content initiative that can influence, engage and educate.

  1. B2B Marketing 

Company- Velocity Partners Ltd.

Strategy- The company was looking for the customers with whome they will love to work with and then they think of developing a ebook using humor, illustrations and the stand out message. When the content release with a very good message that inspires and make them to take actions, the results goes like a jam they works really great.

  1. Nike better world Microsite

Company – Nike

Strategy – The Nike Better World microsite uses HTML5 to present content in a hip storyboard-style that amasses all the goodness of the brand and delivers it in an unusual, scrolling format. Best of all? The attention-grabbing “Better World” video is made from “100% recycled advertising.” How green is that?” 

I guess these 3 examples will be enogh for now I am not able to find more but will update some more examples after some time. So the key concept is to do marketing in a way you solve their problems and make them your customers.