Now you have almost done with all basics for content marketing and as I told you no guide could be completed without a checklist, so you can take advantage of the whole process step by step and it makes things very confusing when you are working without any checklist. Let’s start our content marketing checklist for launching a campaign.

  1. Target your audience

Every business have many target audiences including male gender female gender etc. but if you are targeting one kind of buyers persona then your campaign will give you good results at you will be creating content for a specific audience. so can mention pain points properly.

  1. Creating strategy for content marketing

Here the best part comes creating a full plan for your content marketing efforts.

Content Marketing Checklist

Content marketing is one of the most efficient strategies for generating valuable content, increasing organic traffic, getting more leads and engaging with your audience.

The best way to make sure that you’ll execute all required content marketing tasks successfully is to follow a checklist.

That’s why we created The Complete Content Marketing Checklist. Our checklist includes all the important tasks you need to complete to ensure that you are taking full advantage of all the benefits content marketing can offer to your business.

So, if you want to learn how to use content marketing to increase your online visibility, you’ll love this list.

Content Marketing Checklist

To optimize your content marketing campaigns, follow this checklist:

  • Understand what is content marketing

The most important topic we need to discuss is, You may be confused as everyone has different points of views regarding content marketing and you can make yourself comfortable with anyone. But keep in mind that it should be aligned. If you have read the last chapter of this journey you may know my points on content marketing. So the first step is to be clear about the idea of what content marketing is.

  • Get to know your audience

Now you have your audience targeting, thinking and finalizing the audience you need to target for a particular campaign who will most likely convert for this campaign and your target buyer persona.

  • Create a high-level content marketing strategy

Creating a content marketing plan is a big task here are few things your content marketing plan should contain:-

  • Your Content Marketing goal.
  • What marketing tools are you going to use, selecting a tool is important and difficult as well.
  • Your budget for this content marketing campaign.
  • What kind of Content you are going to create
  • KPIs for checking the results of a Campaign.
  • Who will help with content creation.
  • How will you promote your content?

That’s all what you need to include in your content marketing strategy.

  • Find Content topic ideas

Now the next step is to find the topics of content marketing, On what topic you will be writing content to help your audience.

  • Create the content (Pillar pages, evergreen articles, linkable assets)

The main part comes creating content, you don’t need to take care of creating all content by yourselves, you can also take help from freelancers as creating all content by you only will take too much time and will let you do a lot of work. But if you are ready to give time and hard work, keep it going.

  • Optimize content for Search Engines

You need to optimize the content for search engines, remember if you are optimizing content for search engines make sure your content is optimized for users as well. It will help to make it good for search engines as well as users.

  • Promote your Content

In this step you need to promote your content on different channels and the words you will be using while promoting your content on different channels. 

  • Explore  content marketing tools

Now as you have done with your content creations and everything you need to explore more tools for content marketing never stop exploring and learning.

  • Analyze and monitor the performance of your content marketing campaigns

Analysis is important, you can’t just create the content and prompt it in different channels, it needs to be analysed and make changes accordingly in the strategy so you can go to the best plan for promoting and working on content.

Here the checklist of content marketing is completed now you need to work it by yourself. Don’t forget if you are just reading content and didn’t apply you will never know what’s working or not only applying things will help you. In the next chapter I will show you some best examples of content marketing.