Well, we have done with almost everything in email marketing and now we have in the stage when you may be thinking the ideas to write an email.

Now you know you have to write an email and for the first as i mentioned that your email content should allign to your objective. 

As you, I care for your time and will not waste even a single minute of your. Here are the examples for your email marketing campaigns. 

In this chapter i am going to share some case studies of the best emails that give results in vast amounts. they have performed best with simple personalizations and strategy.


The marketing team of birchbox works great with their strategy what they do is, instead of sendong mails about the coupon code they share an email saying – Forgotton a discount code to rent teh runwaya dress rental company that fits their online profile.

Here is the email they sent and this sinple email make a great impact in their email amrketing efforts.

Do you really need to see the numbers to believe that this got more email subscribers clicking than a tacked-on promotion at the bottom of another email might have?